My name is Paulina Mazur.

I empower Employer Brands with marketing, employee engagement and personal branding.

I solve Employers’ problems related to employees’ attraction, recruitment and engagement.

I do that trough authentic communication and engaging events.

The way I work.

  • You can take use of my knowledge and ideas by engaging me in selected projects and inviting me to consulting.
  • You can entrust me with part of or the whole process related to communication and the engagement of your employees, candidates or clients.
  • You can also decide on our continued collaboration so that I can provide you with support on a daily basis regarding your communication and presence in the media.
  • I design and conduct engaging workshops and trainings as well as moderating workshops which I can adapt to the needs of your organization, your employees and clients (i.e. employer branding, communication with the Y generations, personal branding on social media).

My life path

I gained my first career experience in recruitment. For more than 10 years I worked for the BIGRAM company – the leader of personal consulting. I was in charge of projects in the field of employer branding and talent recruitment.

I built and developed a team responsible for conducting two international projects in Poland – Enactus* and GMC Poland**.
While working on both projects my role was to advise the acquired clients, both big and smaller employers, how to communicate with the prospective and current employees, how to acquire new talents, build their experience and increase their engagement.

I had the pleasure of working for the following companies: AVON, PKO Bank Polski, Grupa AXA, Grupa PZU, Ferrero, Grupa Saint – Gobain, PKN Orlen, Bank Zachodni WBK, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, LOTTE Wedel, Oriflame, Budimex, STRABAG, KGHM, Grupa Kapitałowa PGE, Orange Polska, VISA and dozens of other employers.

I carried out projects which encompassed a dozen of thousands of people. Among those who participated in the events I organized were managers, directors, specialists, students, university employees and journalists.

Things I enjoy and what I do today

I like working as part of a team, I also enjoy thought exchange and creative work. I provide advice and design both communication and events for employees, candidates and clients. I try to be highly engaged in my work because I really like it:-)

I like facing my clients’ challenges, looking for solutions, learning, coming up with new solutions and ideas as well as sharing my knowledge with others. But what gives me the greatest satisfaction is goal achievement.

I offer a wide range of services as business life has given me quite varied and interesting experiences. My head is always filled with ideas. And those ideas are about real communication and engaging events.

How can you contact me?

If you’re looking for a creative, hard-working and committed partner who is always full of energy and ideas, you’re welcome to contact me so that we can talk about our collaboration.

Paulina Mazur

tel. 605 222 008


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References from my clients

“Paulina is highly creative and always full of energy. She is 200% committed to every project she’s working on. She is an expert in communication, employer branding, project and event management. We have been collaborating for many years.” – Piotr Wielgomas, CEO, BIGRAM

“Paulina is an efficient manager, both inspiring and energetic as a consultant. She is a great speaker and a trustworthy business partner. We collaborated on employer branding projects. I participated on numerous occasions in the events which were organized by Paulina in a perfect manner. I strongly recommend her as a highly-experienced and mature communication expert.” – Artur Miernik, Interim HR Director

“I consider Paulina Mazur a competent, reliable, committed person who is completely worth recommending. Her speech at the conference was pointed out by many of the participants as the most inspiring, though-provoking and helpful. When moderating our panel discussions Paulina proved herself to be effective, efficient and focused on the goal. She was able to ensure the atmosphere of openness and trust.” – Zdzisław Szczepkowski, Director WUP Olsztyn