Creative events for your Clients

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  • Do you want to attract the attention of prospective and current clients so that you will be able to focus on networking?
  • Are you facing the challenge of reaching new clients with your product?
kreatywne eventy dla klientow spotkania dla klientów

What can I suggest?

  • I can design an event for you which will get others interested and inspired to discuss not only business-related matters but also cooperation.
  • I can prepare an event which will engage the prospective and current Clients of your company.
  • I can organize a live meeting as well as a meeting in the virtual reality, expert debate, conference, training, webinar or chat.

What will you gain?

  • You will enhance the market and social media recognition of your company.
  • You will inspire your current and prospective clients to collaborate with you.
  • You will engage your employees.
  • You will gain new clients.

Would you like to find out more about the events I’ve organized?

finalyGMC na GPW
  • Business breakfasts and workshops for Clients – thematic meetings for the current and prospective clients as guests, for instance:
    • The risk connected with GDPR in recruitment with GIDE law office
    • Law innovations with PwC
    • Recruitment and youth motivation with BPCC (British Polish Chamber of Commerce)
    • Personal Branding on social media with Linkedin

If you contact me, I will suggest a suitable event for your company!

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