How to build an employer’s brand. How to design Candidate & Employee Experience as well as Events for employees

  • Are you looking for effective methods of communication with your current and potential employees?
  • Are you hoping for a great number of young talents to answer your job offers?
  • Are you facing a challenge of increasing your employees’ commitment?
  • Do you want your employees to become the ambassadors of your brand?
  • Do you feel that your on-boarding process could be better-organized?
  • Would you like to boost your visibility on the social media such as Linkedin and Facebook?

Why should every employer remember about employer branding?

Employer branding can be understood as complex actions which nowadays can be found in every communication and business area. What can influence the employer’s brand is not only the look of an recruitment advert but also the personal branding of the manager who is in charge of hiring. The opinion of an employer can be formed based on the way he/she hires new employees as well as based on how he/she contributes to the commitment and development of the current employees and how he/she parts ways with them.
For several years business has acknowledged a well-exercised employer branding as a great opportunity for the company due to the fact that it brings great value and benefits both to the company and its employees. Moreover, when employer branding is carried out properly, it limits the retention costs, boosts the workers’ efficiency as well as their job satisfaction. As a result, both service and product sales increase since the clients are more and more willing to make a purchase when the offer comes from satisfied employees.

Why should you embark on the employer branding journey with ME?

I have a long-term experience in working on projects in the employer branding area and in collaboration with various lines of business. I’ve been in charge of two international projects in Poland for young talents and employers: GMC Poland contest and Enactus programme.

I’ve organized events which connected several thousand people per year, including dozens of employers. These events resulted in hundreds of successfully recruited people together with steady and engaging relations between employees and their employers.

Just contact me and I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you and find an answer to any challenge you’re facing at the moment. I hope I’ll inspire you and I will also carry out employer branding activities.

Are you interested in learning about my approach to employer branding? You can read an entry about employer branding on my blog.

Are you wondering if I like the millennials? I’m crazy about them! I’ve been known in the HR area as a person who likes the generation Y and I often speak on their behalf to prove that this generation is full of potential and good intentions. It is unfair to define them as a generation with a demanding attitude and such belief doesn’t help build good relations and cooperation. I admire their enthusiasm and that they want to have an impact, learn from their mistakes and question the reality. (excerpt from the interview on RP TV)