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Are you an employer in search of effective communication methods with your current and prospective employees? Would you like to increase the inflow of candidates and boost your employees’ commitment?

If you’re asking yourself the following questions:

  • How can I improve my candidates experience to gain advantage as an attractive employer?
  • What tools should I use and how and where should I communicate my offer to the employees so that I will acquire the best candidates?
  • How can I make sure that my employees experiences are good? How can I boost their commitment regarding business goal achievement in my organization?
  • How can I part ways with my employees in a responsible way if we are forced to do so by the situation on the market?

You’re welcome to contact me. I will find a solution for you.

  • We’re going to start with defining your strong suits as an organization and researching the EVP (Employee Value Proposition).
  • Next we’re going to determine whom your organization needs in order to achieve its business goals. Shall we aim our communication at the Y generation (the Millennials) or are you interested in looking for more experienced employees?
  • I’m going to provide you with advice on what channels to use to communicate with the employees that your organization is most interested in.
  • I’m going to design a communication strategy regarding your offer for candidates.
  • I’m going to design a set of engaging and refined materials for your company (prepared in terms of both edition and graphic).
  • The next step will be to carry out audit of your Career bookmark, candidate path and the opinion of the employer.
  • We’ll consider the steps to take in order to make your employees the ambassadors of your brand on the job market.
  • I’ll be happy to share with you my knowledge as well as to inspire you and carry out the employer branding activities.

Why me?

I have a long-term experience in working on projects in the employer branding area and in collaboration with various lines of business and on many challenges. Recently I’ve been in charge of two international projects in Poland which connected talents and employers.

Several thousand people per year, dozens of employers, creative events which resulted in hundreds of successfully recruited people, steady and engaging relations between employees and their employers.

I provided advice and carried out employer branding activities for such companies as: PKO Bank Polski, Bank Zachodni WBK, ING Bank Śląski, Budimex, AVON, KPMG, Orange Polska, Grupa AXA, Grupa PZU, METRO Group, PwC, Microsoft, Coca-Cola HBC Polska, Grupa Saint – Gobain.

You can write to me or call me if you’d like to set up a meeting.

I’ll be happy to share my experience and discuss with you in person the market practices as well as trends in employer branding.

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