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What significantly influenced my career personality were events and projects that I managed. If you’re looking for somebody who can provide you with support in preparing and organizing a conference, contest, fair or any other event, I’m the right person to become your partner.


How can I help you organize a creative event?

  • I can offer you my consulting support, that is provide advice regarding your idea and the plan for the event.
  • I will be happy to take on the task of designing an idea and preparing the whole project, budget and its execution.
  • If you’re looking for a person who could conduct your company events, you will discover that I’m an energetic and fluent English speaker. I’ve conducted events for more than 300 people in English.

Why should you choose me?

Big events boost my energy. What gives me satisfaction is working on an event which is attractive, engaging and is considered valuable by its participants. I give my 200% in every project!

I’ve organized business galas, student- and business-related conferences, national contests and branding events. For over 10 years I was a coordinator of the national GMC Poland contest (Global Management Challenge). I conducted webinars and live trainings for management board, managers, specialists and students. I’ve also conducted the final ceremonies on stock exchange (GPW) and thematic debates. <you can watch the media coverage on the final ceremonies on GPW>

I’ve conducted the finals of the national Enactus Poland contest in Kinoteka and the Kamienica Theatre. My invitation to the aforementioned events was accepted by many chairmen, directors and managers. The presentations on stage were given by students with the audience who was guaranteed an inspiring and exciting day. <you can watch the media coverage on the Enactus Poland contest>

I invited the following partners and clients to join me in the event organization: Stock Exchange in Varsaw, Kinoteka (Cinema Centre), British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Leon Kozminski’s Academy, National Bank of Poland and others.

I’ve organized thematic debates and events in cooperation with: PwC, Mastercard, Rzeczpospolita, MyCompany Polska, GIDE, Linkedin and others.

You’re welcome to join me in a conversation about events!

finaly GMC na GPW
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finalyGMC na GPW
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