Personal branding

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  • Do you want to build your personal brand on the job market and in your company? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and consolidate your position as an expert on social media?
  • Are you a manager worth working with? Are you open and willing to work with the best?

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Let the world know! I can provide you with useful tips on how to conduct communication on social media, how to reinforce your image as a good specialist and appealing employer.

Help your personal brand draw new talents to your new team!

Where shall we start?

Our starting point will be preparing your profile on social media, carefully prepared photoshoot and determining your strong suits. Next step will be for me to prepare for you a strategy of in the media using content marketing which will enable you to build a recognizable personal brand in an efficient way. Moreover, it will help you start new business relations, acquire new clients, employees and receive appealing offers related to your career development.

You can invite me to join your contact list at Linkedin and ask me about support.

You don’t have a profile on Linkedin? It’s high time you started to benefit from the opportunities offered by business social media.

You can reach me under the following number 605222008.
Call me and I will lead you through the whole process.

Are you’re interested in personal branding?

You can find some information below on the first steps to take when you want to start working on your image on social media.

Would you like to conduct a personal branding training for managers? You’re welcome to join my workshops.

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