I solve challenges related to talent attraction and employee engagement.

We come to work for people and with people. That is why I put together employer branding with leaders’ and managers’ personal branding.

I bring together employees of different generations, from Baby Boomers, X, Millennials to Gen Z, helping them to better understand each other. I support creating workplaces based on age diversity and inclusion.

I support companies in building better relations with employees and candidates. I promote responsible, authentic employer branding and HR which stands for Human Relations.

Paulina Mazur

Employer Branding

Employer marketing, essential for every company today. Conscious (and unconscious) employers’ communication, branding focused on attracting talents, but also on engaging employees. A reflection of experiences that people have with the company, also at the exit point.

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Personal branding

Leaders’ personal branding, so called boss branding. Inseparable from the employer branding. A great opportunity to strengthen the position of an expert, manager, business owner, team leader, and in the same time attract talents to the organization.  Continue Reading

Generations at work

Communication and collaboration between the four generations, Baby Boomers, X, Y / Millennials and gen Z is a must. I support employers in attracting and engaging employees of different age.
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  • Sebastian Drzewiecki

    “Paulina is a very mature and experiences HR consultant. She demonstrates high level of understanding for business strategy. I appreciate her employer branding and personal branding knowledge. She is very open to share tips on cooperation with different generations.”

    VP & Managing Director, Global Development Center's at Sabre Corporation
  • Artur Miernik

    “Paulina is an efficient manager, both inspiring and energetic as a consultant. She is a great speaker and a trustworthy business partner. We collaborated on employer branding projects. I participated on numerous occasions in the events which were organized by Paulina in a perfect manner. I strongly recommend her as a highly-experienced and mature communication expert.”

    Interim HR Director
  • Pawel Tkaczyk

    “Paulina is not only a great expert in employer branding but she also is an amazing speaker.  She talks about it in an engaging and… funny way. I highly enjoyed her performance and I love Marketing conference.”

    Właściciel agencji MIDEA, autor dwóch bestsellerowych książek i mówca publiczny