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Are you in need of a new website? Or maybe your Career tab or video needs polishing? Or maybe you’re looking for a non-standard way to thank your key client for their cooperation?

I take special care of details, I put my whole heart into projects, and as a result my clients may stay assured that their projects will be thoroughly prepared and well-designed right down to the finest detail.

Regarding collaboration, I usually invite independent businessmen who pursue their passion at work and whom I can recommend to my clients with pleasure. We collaborate on creating websites, video materials, presentations, PDF files, graphics and other materials that come useful in engaging communication and during creative events.

What kind of projects can you entrust me to do?

  • Your company’s website (both new website creation and revitalization of your current website)
  • Your company’s profile on Linkedin and Facebook
  • Communication strategy and your company’s social media presence
  • Banner and remarketing campaigns
  • Video, animation, company vlog
  • Company presentations
  • Brochures, posters etc.
  • Videos and animations.

Video is getting more and more popular as a form of communication. I’d like to strongly encourage you to invest in short explainer video or animation which may serve as a fast and easy way to pass information on to the candidates, clients and employees. Here are some examples of the videos I have created:

  1. Candidate experiance – video animation for BIGRAM.
  2. A film presenting BIGRAM to MY company (We are BIGRAM)
  3. Animations on the GMC contest.
  4. Enactus to my (We are Enactus) – a video about Enactus created with Saatchi &amp Saatchi

You’re welcome to contact me.

  • You can ask me how to increase the attractiveness of your company’s website.
  • You can also ask me which form and channels will help you most effectively to reach your new clients and candidates.

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